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Agreed but he won't do anything

Maria Alpuim
14.05.2023 12:45:52


Hello! I have been married 2 years and separated for nearly one year now. The divorce is nearly over and was approved by the court but for the finances I want to do a consent order to have a clean break. We never had kids, properties or much shared. We don't want anything from each other, each to their own. However, he refuses to fill in any paper work because he doesn't like paper work. He agrees to not want anything, just not to fill forms or questionnaires. I tried to explain that amicable is the best and cheapest option and sent the website for him to get a consultation, which he refuses and tells me to do whatever I want. A bit tricky because we agree on the outcome, just not on the process.
Any advise on how to deal with it? If I go ahead, is he "forced" to respond? I doubt. If I go to court (which I don't want considering we have nothing to divide) and he refuses to fill forms, show up, respond - what happens? What's the best route? Can amicable help with this, if he refuses to look for information and have a mediation conversation and do paperwork? Would the court force it?

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Oscar from amicable
09.06.2023 14:00:05

Hi Maria, Thank you for your questions.

At amicable, all our services are tech-enabled, so our user-friendly portable enables you to input information quickly and easily. We know how frustrating endless paperwork can be, so we’ve made it as straightforward as possible.

If you cannot agree, it is possible to ask the court to make a financial order, however, this can be a very expensive and acrimonious route with spiralling legal costs.

Please book a free 15-minute call with one of our team so we can explain the process and the options available to you.


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