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Can I register my marriage in the uk?

22.06.2022 23:21:49


hi, im Colombian married with a British citizen, we got married in colombia in October 2013, i have got the spouse visa for 2 years in 2014 to be able to go to uk for holidays but we were living in Honkong for 5 years, where i also got dependant spouse visa, with covid situation i haven t been able to go back to hong kong and now my husband is cheating on me, so i want to get the divorce , but he doesn t want me to talk about his properties in England and i don t know if i can register my marriage in uk in order to know what legally belongs to me? i really need help as my situation is very difficult and in colombia they cant do anything about his properties and i also don't know how to get access to his properties information, can you please advice me what can i do what is the process to follow, is there anything i can do, before he takes advantage of the sitaution?

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Holly from amicable
20.07.2022 14:11:57

Hi Francy, thanks for reaching out to amicable. If you have lived in England or Wales for a minimum of six months then you should be to get divorced here. You have to let the Home Office know when you divorce or separate from your partner if your visa is based on your relationship. For more information, click here. The normal starting point is a 50/50 split, however, this will depend on various factors and whether you plan on making your financial arrangements legally binding through a consent order. Book in a call with us if you would like more advice on this.


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