3 reasons not to use amicable divorce and separation services

Originally published on 28th September 2018 at 10:20 AM
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Writing a blog on reasons not to use amicable’s divorce services may seem odd. But there’s a good reason why.

Since amicable launched, we’ve found that there are a three main worries couples face when considering using a divorce or separation service. So, we wanted to talk through the top three worries (time, money and hassle) and explain exactly how amicable might help address all three.

1. It takes too long

Following the introduction of 'no-fault divorce' in April 2022, all divorces take a minimum of seven months , due to the introduction of a 20-week reflection period. Be wary of anyone offering a 'quick' divorce, because this is not possible in the new system. At amicable, we help couples to use the time to agree on how to separate their finances and to make arrangements for their children if they have them.

2. It’s expensive

amicable is one of the most affordable ways to divorce and separate. We offer free 15-minute advice calls, and our simple divorce costs £300. The most someone will pay is £6690 and that's if they have complicated assets, or assets worth over £2 million and need helping agreeing arrangements for their finances and children, as well as us managing the legal process for them. For most people, depending on how much help they need, our services will cost a lot less than this.

All of our services are fixed price and include VAT, so costs will never spiral out of control. We also have payment plans available so that you can spread the cost over several months or split the cost between you both.

If you use solicitors, it's likely you would will both need to pay two sets of legal fees, which may end up costing a lot more. We are also more comprehensive than mediation because we can also handle the 'legal bits', such as write up your financial agreement into a draft consent order and manage the court process, meaning you don't need to go anywhere else once you've reached an agreement.

3. It’s too complicated

We've made the process as simple as possible. From our amicable dashboard which collects the information needed for the legal forms, to our online sessions with one of divorce specialists. Using amicable, there's no need to complete a Form A, you can disclose your finances to each other using the amicable dashboard. Sessions to help you agree on you finances or make arrangements for your children, take place in video meeting rooms, meaning that you don't need to worry about travel or organising childcare for your children. We also have lots of free tips and advice on our website, or on The Divorce Podcast.

If the above has made you rethink using amicable as a step forward, get in touch.

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Maria cooper
09.10.2017 8:16

I could have missed it on reading your info but I can’t see any mention of a leally trained person/ solicitor on your team. I am concerned that My daughter won’t be given correct advise.

Hannah Hodgkinson
09.10.2017 8:16

Hi Maria, amicable is deliberately set up not to be a law firm, this approach allows us to work with both people in the couple to reach faster and fairer arrangements. We do have a Divorce Coach working for us who is a non-practising Divorce and Family Lawyer and is an expert in the legalities. Please let me know me know if you have any more concerns.

13.01.2020 4:47

If this is the Hannah I spoke to round about 10.15 on Friday I was put at ease. Hannah explained professionally how the procedure was carried out.