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Understanding where to begin and how to make arrangements for your children can be overwhelming and confusing if you’ve separated from your partner. You don’t need to go through the court to make these arrangements unless there are safeguarding issues. You can decide these between yourselves or with the help of a specialist such as amicable or mediation. Explore our services, free tools and resources.

Coaching session

Our co-parenting coaching sessions are designed to help you with all aspects of co-parenting.

Coaching session

Co-petting agreement

amicable's 'Co-petting Agreement' ensures arrangements around your pets are discussed and documented with the help of one of amicable’s experts.

Co-petting agreement

Parenting contract

An amicable parenting contract ensures your children arrangements are discussed, agreed and documented with the help of one of our specialists.

Parenting contract

Tools and resources

The Divorce Podcast


Parenting plan e-book

Co-parenting app

The amicable co-parenting app helps you manage all aspects of co-parenting in one secure place, making parenting after divorce and separation simpler. You can explore the app's features with a 30-day free trial.

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Are your coaching sessions similar to mediation?

Our coaching sessions are similar to mediation, as we are working with couples to help them reach an agreement over arrangements for their children, such as where they will live and how often they will see each parent. Couples can also cover more practical topics in their sessions, such as how to tell their children they're getting divorced and how to navigate holidays and special occasions. Our specialists are trained in helping couples navigate the legal and emotional journey of divorce and separation and parenting apart.

How do we agree on arrangements for our children?

You can reach an agreement informally yourselves, or with support from a professional such as amicable or mediation. Any arrangements you agree on can be documented in a Parenting Plan, through our Parenting Contract Service or co-parenting apps. You do not need to go to court to get your parenting arrangements made legally binding or decided for you, unless their are safeguarding issues such as abuse or one parent stopping the other from seeing the children.

How do we tell our children we're getting divorced?

Telling your child you're getting divorced will be daunting for most parents. We have a helpful blog with our tips to help you navigate telling your child about your separation which you can read here. We also offer coaching sessions where you can receive support, advice and tools from a specialist. Learn more about our coaching sessions here.

Does divorce impact children?

We’re bombarded with headlines about how bad divorce is for children. In reality, it’s ‘bad’ separations that can have a negative impact on children, due to two main culprits - parental absence and conflict . It’s not always possible to control these, however, if you can, then this will help your children to cope with your separation. Read more about this here.