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Originally published on 12th October 2022 at 9:27 AM
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Today we announce our partnership with Gingerbread, the UK’s largest national single parents charity.

Gingerbread has supported and championed single parents since 1918. Originally called the National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child, they’ve worked for over 100 years to make sure that single parents are not forgotten. They’ve changed laws, influenced government and challenged stigma and stereotypes. Their expert advice and information help tens of thousands of single parents every year. Through their policy work, they ensure that their members’ concerns and experiences are taken to the heart of Westminster and their in-person and online communities can be found across England and Wales, providing support to thousands of single parents and their children

amicable and Gingerbread have shared objectives around promoting the interests of single parents and changing the narrative around divorce and separation. Details of our partnership with Gingerbread include collaborative content creation and employee fundraising.

“We are delighted to be working with such a highly regarded and fantastic charity. Gingerbread has provided expert advice and worked tirelessly to promote the interests of single parents for decades. We very much look forward to working closely with them to promote the interests and needs of single parents during these especially challenging times. - Kate Daly, Co-founder of amicable

"We believe that in the vast majority of cases, children in separated families benefit from good quality relationships with both parents after separation. Low-cost, collaborative approaches to separation and divorce, such as those promoted by amicable, help parents focus on what matters. We are pleased to be working with amicable to support parents while they navigate the challenges of single parenthood, particularly during the current cost-of-living crisis." - Gingerbread CEO Victoria Benson

As the leading legal service for separating and divorcing couples, we aim to shift the narrative around divorce, separation and cooperative parenting. Our approach is unique as we work exclusively with couples, and are different to solicitors, as we help with both the legal and emotional journey of separation and divorce, keeping family at the forefront of the process.

Gingerbread campaigns for a society which treats single parents equally and fairly. The charity provides expert practical advice and support to single parents across the nation, through free support, advice and helplines.


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