How to change back to your maiden name after divorce

Originally published on 29th March 2019 at 1:29 PM
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If you'd like to change your surname back to your maiden name, you can do so at any point. Your birth certificate and marriage certificate are official documents that state your maiden name.

To change your name back with your bank, etc, you'll need the following documents:

For divorces:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Decree Absolute Certificate

For civil partnership dissolutions:

  • Civil Partnership Certificate
  • Final Order Certificate

If you've lost any of the documents mentioned above, don't panic, you can easily get a new copy.

Get a copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate:

  • Order a new copy from the government website here. The cost depends on the postage you require. In 2019, these fees increased slightly to £14 for standard delivery (despatched on the 15th working day after you've ordered it). If you need it sooner, you can opt for their priority divorce-diagnostic that start from £38; your certificate will be dispatched the next working day for this price.
  • Get in touch with the registry office where the marriage/civil partnership was registered. It depends on the office if they'll charge you for a copy.

Get a copy of your Decree Absolute / Final Order:

  • Ask any third parties you may have used for your divorce/dissolution (i.e. your amicable Divorce Coach, your solicitor, etc) if they have a copy on file
  • Call the central court switchboard on 0300 303 0642 - they usually charge £10 for replacement document requests

It's important to know that not all organisations will accept just these documents. To change official documents like your passport or driving licence, you may need to change your name back via deed poll – this is a legal document to prove a change of name. If you do need to change your name by deed poll, you can follow the steps on the government website here.

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Lisa Hart
18.12.2020 5:08

I went to apply for a bank account now they won't accept it as im not useing my Madden name as im devorced and useing my marriage name since 1992 now the told me the government changed in 2 3 months so how do I change my Madden last name back and how much dose it cost I have the marriage certificate and the devorced papers thank u