Divorce day 2020 - fact or fiction?

Originally published on 3rd January 2020 at 9:22 PM
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Divorce Day has become an annual talking point in the media and amongst people working in the family law world. In 2020, Divorce Day is meant to fall on Monday 6th January 2020.

What is ‘Divorce Day’?

It’s meant to be the day that the internet, divorce lawyers and divorce divorce-diagnostic companies see a spike in enquiries and people enquiring about or starting their divorce.

Divorce Day traditionally falls on the first Monday in January when most people return to work after the Christmas and New Year break.

Why is there a Divorce Day?

At amicable, we believe the increase is caused by two main things:

  • The New Year’s resolution mentality, with people viewing the new year as a chance for change and new beginnings.
  • The holiday season, which can be a difficult time for couples who have been struggling for a while. We hear lots of customers talk about having ‘one final Christmas as a family’.

Does Divorce Day actually exist?

At amicable, over the past few years, our data shows that there is a peak in enquiries on ‘Divorce Day’ but it doesn’t just last for one day, it usually continues for most of January and into February. In 2019, for example, amicable saw an 82% increase in visits to the site in January, compared the average monthly website hits in 2018 and an 85% increase in new enquires and an 83% increase in new customers.

amicable also experiences a peak after the summer holidays, in September / October.

amicable’s advice for separating amicably

So, if you’ve decided you want to separate but you’re not sure where to start, read our experts tips below:

1. Do your research

Taking a step back and detaching your emotions from the legal and logistical process of separating is not easy but it will save time, stress and money if you seek advice from the right people. There’s lots of misinformation and an unproportionally large amount of disastrous divorce stories too. So, get a realistic view of how the process works before plunging in.

2. Focus on the future

Separating isn’t about the past, it’s about creating a positive future apart. Don’t dwell on the past, focus on what you want to create and set some goals for your separation (especially important if you have kids). 

3. Don’t rush off to lawyers

No separation is the same, that’s why there’s lots of ways to navigate the divorce and separation process. Read our guide on the different options available or book a call to talk them through instead.

Start your amicable divorce journey

Speak to an amicable Divorce Specialist to understand your options and next steps for untying the knot, amicably.

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