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Originally published on 9th November 2023 at 2:28 PM
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Legal and finances

Personalised timeline for divorce

Get a free personalised divorce timeline to navigate the divorce process efficiently and with greater confidence. It can help you take control of your situation, offering clarity, predictability, and peace of mind during a challenging time.

DIY guide to divorce

Download your free copy of our DIY divorce guide to know everything you need to do and when. Our guide explores at the necessary legal and financial steps involved in separating.

Court fees calculator tool

Answer the simple questions in our Court Fees Calculator and see if you are entitled to a discount on the government court fee for your divorce application, which normally costs £593 to submit.

Note : Following the introduction of No-fault divorce in England and Wales, if you apply for divorce jointly, you both need to be eligible for a discount. If you make a sole application, only Applicant 1 needs to be eligible for a discount.

Guide to the 'legal bits' of divorce

Visit our ‘legal bits’ page, where we simplify the legalities of divorce and separation.

Payment plans - for spreading the cost

We know how difficult the process of divorce can be both emotionally and financially. Visit our ‘payment plans’ page now and spread the costs of your divorce.

The amicable agreement checker

Many people we speak to want to understand if their financial arrangements are considered fair, legally speaking. Having a fair agreement is an important part of the process as a Judge must approve your consent order, for it to be legally binding.

Use our divorce settlement calculator to find out whether your agreement is likely to be approved.

Podcast episodes on the 'legal bits' of divorce

Love podcasts and want to hear more about the legal side of divorce and separation?

Yes? Well then visit the ‘legal bits’ section of The Divorce Podcast where Kate Daly is joined by a variety of legal professionals. This includes everything from arbitration and mediation to legal services like amicable.


Parenting plan e-book

Our Parenting Plan e-book is designed to help couples navigate their journeys from parenting to co-parenting as they separate or divorce. Download it now and make this transition smoother for yourselves and your children.

The amicable co-parenting app

Looking for something more portable? The amicable co-parenting app is your gateway to an amicable co-parenting journey. The amicable co-parenting app helps you manage all aspects of co-parenting in one secure place, making parenting after divorce and separation straightforward.

Blogs on children and co-parenting

Our ‘Children and Co-parenting’ blogs aim to keep you informed about everything parenting related; from making arrangements for your children to useful and essential tools to make the school holidays a breeze, we have mums and dads covered.

Podcast episodes on co-parenting

One of the great aspects of The Divorce Podcast is its co-parenting section. Ranging from more personal parenting stories to co-parenting coaches and clinical psychologists, Kate Daly has hosted an interesting mix of guests.

Emotional Journey

amicable's Facebook

Facebook is the amicable social media centre where we post everything from tips on the legal, emotional and child-related aspects of divorce and separation to the informative (and sometimes funny or emotional) clips from The Divorce Podcast. We aim to keep our followers updated with any updates or news from inside amicable HQ.

Blogs on the emotional journey of divorce and separation

The emotional journey of divorce or separation is the part we aim to really specialise in helping people with. It is crucially important to go through this journey at your own pace. Everyone experiences similar emotions when going through a separation or divorce, but everyone’s path is unique in many ways. Our blogs aim to help you return to your normal self post-divorce and to hopefully feel more fulfilled and informed by the end.

Podcast episodes on the emotional journey of divorce and separation

Another key genre of The Divorce Podcast are the episodes which focus on the emotional journey of divorce. Kate Daly is joined by a wide variety of specialists (and even some celebrities) to discuss the emotional side of separation including personal journeys and psychological advice and tips to make your journey that little bit easier.

Start your amicable divorce journey

Speak to an amicable Divorce Specialist to understand your options and next steps for untying the knot, amicably.

Book a free 15-minute consultation

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