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Amicable divorce Ireland/UK

06.03.2023 15:12:57



My ex spouse and I would like to divorce ( we married in UK) but I currently live in the Republic of Ireland. Can I start the divorce from here (on site) or do we have to do together.

Also how much would you charge for simple divorce where I would buy ex out the property and she would pay me maintenance ( she wants a lump sum) until my state pension age (2030)

Also what are the best financial payment options if we were to go with you

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Oscar from amicable
11.05.2023 10:36:26

Hi Margaret, If you and your ex got married in the UK, you may be able to start divorce proceedings from the website, but you would need to meet certain requirements. Firstly, you or your ex-spouse need to have lived in England or Wales for at least a year before the divorce application is made. If you meet this requirement, you can apply for a divorce online using the website. However, if you or your ex-spouse have been living in the Republic of Ireland for more than a year, the courts in Ireland may have jurisdiction over your divorce. In this case, you may need to seek advice in Ireland to determine your options for initiating divorce proceedings as we do not offer our services to anyone outside of England and Wales.

If you are looking to get divorced, amicable can offer you a package that is tailored to you and your ex’s particular situation. We do offer cost-effective plans which you can discuss with our Divorce Specialists by booking a free 15-minute chat. Your Divorce Specialist will be able to answer the queries that are unique to you and your ex’s unique circumstances.


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