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Divorce & property

07.04.2023 13:29:52


Hello everyone,

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.

Basically, I haven’t got divorced yet, but looking into it very soon. The problem I might have is, the family home is only in my name and my ex has forced me out of my own house due to me reporting her to Social Services, so I was advised to stay away. My question is, once I’m divorced (she is likely to NOT go for my assets because she is a Christian and doesn’t believe in taking something that doesn’t belong to her) can I move back into my house. We have 2 young children under the age of 8, so with that in mind, and a ‘Clean Break’ divorce, does she have to move on and make her own living arrangements. Bear in mind she hasn’t contributed to a single penny of the mortgage, plus with her beliefs about not claiming anything from me financially, am I in a strong position to get my house back. I wouldn’t make my 2 boys homeless if by the time the divorce was finalised, I’d let them stay until my ex has an adequate home. Also, she has an occupation order to live there until her university course is completed at the end of the year (qualified nurse) and in full time employment. This is what the judge set out in the order, so I’m assuming she wants to live there until qualified, so this might be when she wants to move out and go her own way.

Thanks again in advance.

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Holly from amicable
14.04.2023 9:34:26

Hi Craigy,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

Normally the starting point is a 50/50 split of all assets. There are lots of reasons why you might depart from this including the children's needs, who the primary caregiver of the children is and contributions made. Property can be a sticking point for lots of couples and we offer negotiation sessions where you can talk through your financial arrangements with a Divorce Specialist who will help you to negotiate a fair settlement and make arrangements for your children.

I can see you've already booked a call with one of our Divorce Specialists, so hopefully we'll be able to help you and your ex-partner.

Many thanks, Holly

18.12.2023 2:11:54

Hi Craigy, I just came across your post. I understand you are in a dicey situation. I enjoy talking about this and related topics. I would love to listen to your story and it's status and hopefully help you out. Kindly stay in touch through my email ( gratefulsoul051 @ gmail. com)


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