Post-divorce checklist - what to do & things to change after divorce

Originally published on 28th September 2018 at 10:20 AM
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amicable’s post-divorce checklist makes the post-divorce to do list a little easier by breaking down what you need to do on a life admin basis.

Tips for post-divorce practicalities;

  1. Try and do all your admin in one go…put a day aside to get all your change notifications done at once. Changes that drag out can be stressful and cause problems should you need to prove your identity.

  2. Prioritize photo ID in your new name as soon as possible. Some companies need to see updated photo ID as proof of name change.

  3. Set a deadline. Aim to get all your accounts, memberships, and paperwork into your new name/status within a month of starting.

  4. Consider getting multiple copies of your decree absolute. Some organisations require your original by mail which can slow down your progress if you only have the one copy.

  5. You should consider whether you want to change your name back to your maiden name or keep your married name. This is a personal choice and you have the legal right to do either.

  6. If you are reverting to your former name you can use your decree absolute and birth certificates together as proof of name change. Take some photocopies of your ID under your old name before changing. Driving licenses may need to be surrendered, so it can help to have a copy should you ever need to prove your old name.

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28.04.2021 4:00

Need a devorde a.c.a.p she's not starting the procedimg.

16.07.2021 22:22

Certificate referred to in Article 39 of Council Regulation (EC) No. 22/01/2003 of 27 November Judgment in matrimonial matters I need help with this with the certificate I can't change my surname is polish consulate coul you help me please. Thank you

amicable logo
Holly from amicable
22.07.2021 9:43

Hi Siham, please give us a call today and we should be able to help.

20.10.2021 7:27

Could you please give me a price of a simple divorce

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Holly from amicable
20.10.2021 9:20

Hi Donna, the cost of our simple divorce is £300 plus court fees (which are £593).