What is a Divorce Specialist?

Originally published on 28th June 2022 at 10:48 AM
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What is a Divorce Specialists?

You might have seen the term ‘ Divorce Specialist ’ on the Government website and elsewhere. Here's what it means and how one might be able to help you with your divorce.

A Divorce Specialist refers to a professional who can assist you with the legal process of divorce. They can sometimes also help you navigate the emotional process too.

At amicable, our experts are Divorce Specialists . They have a range of professional backgrounds including law, mediation and psychology, as we can help with both the legal and the emotional process of divorce and separation, as well as parenting post-separation. We match customers with the most appropriate expert to help them with their unique circumstances and requirements.

Uniquely, we work with couples together, to help them to agree on their financial and children arrangements, to avoid confusion and conflict and make the process of separating kinder and better for families.

Can I use a Divorce Specialist to help with my divorce?

Yes. Anyone can choose to divorce using a Divorce Specialist. You do not need a solicitor to get divorced. Typically a Divorce Specialist will be able to assist with the legal process of divorce and some, like amicable’s specialists, are trained to work with couples. The precise skills of a Divorce Specialist can vary from service to service so it's best to check before you buy a service, what your Divorce Specialist can do.

At amicable, our Divorce Specialists help with all aspects of separation including drafting the legal paperwork including financial consent order.

Generally, when a couple first comes to amicable for help, we learn more about their situation through our 15-minute advice calls to work out which amicable service would be best suited to help them.

If they need help with organising their financial arrangements post-divorce or separation, they can work with an amicable Divorce Specialist to negotiate and agree on a fair settlement that works for both individuals and their families.

We also help couples work out the best arrangement for their children or pets post-separation, as this is usually the parent's primary concern.

Will I need a solicitor if I’m using a Divorce Specialist?

No. If you are using an amicable Divorce Specialist, you will not need a solicitor. In the rare situation where an agreement cannot be reached, you may then need to instruct a lawyer or ask the court to make an order about how to split your finances for you.

amicable has a 95% success rate in helping couples to reach an agreement which is then turned into a consent order to be made legally binding by a Judge.

Why use a Divorce Specialist?

Typically, using a Divorce Specialist, such as amicable, rather than going straight to solicitors is:

  • Kinder - you work together rather than instructing someone to ‘fight’ on your behalf
  • Fairer - no one loses out - you reach an agreement based on your financial reality which is in the best interest of you both, not just one side
  • More affordable - you don’t need to spend thousands on two sets of legal fees

At amicable, all our services are fixed fee, transparent and include VAT.

When can’t you use an amicable Divorce Specialist?

  • Where there is any kind of abuse
  • A high conflict situation where one individual is unable to cooperate
  • Where there is a risk of assets being removed or hidden

In the above scenarios, you may need the specialist help of a family lawyer to help protect you and your family.

Start your amicable divorce journey

Speak to an amicable Divorce Specialist to understand your options and next steps for untying the knot, amicably.

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